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Exclusive Web Class with 
Dr. Cabral and Dave Ruel
When: March 1st, 2018 @ 8.00pm EST
Where: Online (Web Class)
Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: Free
Free Web Class:
The Secrets To Life & Business Harmony
How To Work Less, Achieve More, Perform Better & Reclaim Your Freedom, Stress Free.
Hosted By :

Dave Ruel

Life & Business Strategist

Dr. Stephen Cabral

Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor 
If you are a Hard Working ProfessionalEntrepreneurBusiness Owner or Someone with a lot of professional and personal responsibilities, you should absolutely attend this web class.
What You Will Learn On This Free Online Web Class:
The Stress Shield
How To Manage And  Eliminate Toxic Stress From Your Busy Life.
Stress effects everything from digestion to disease states to our hormones (it’s not good). You'll discover the 3 main stressors on the body and the easiest ways to block critical environmental stressors. We'll also reveal an at-home test to do every morning to check your stress

The Decision Formula
How To Prioritize For Unshakeable Focus, Discipline & Consistency
The Decision Formula that will ensure that you are ALWAYS be making the right decision in your life and business. We'll also show you how to prioritize what matters so you can go through the days with unshakeable Focus, Discipline & Consistency

The Business Detox Protocol
How To Optimize Your Time & Energy Management
When and How to recover to ensure you'll perform at work and win at your love & family life. This is the key to sustainable performance in both your personal and professional life. 

Your Hosts :
Dr. Stephen Cabral, ND
Stephen Cabral is a world renowned Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor with post-doctoral specialties is Ayurvedic and Functional Medicine. Dr. Cabral also runs one of the largest health & wellness practices in the U.S. and has completed more than 200,000 client appointments.

Stephen Cabral developed his passion for natural medicine after going through severe health complications at the age of 17. He saw over 50 different doctors, tried over 100 different treatment protocols, spent tens of thousands of dollars, but still saw no hope of recovery...

It wasn’t until he met an “alternative” health doctor who explained to him how he got here and how he could become well again, that he began his recovery process. It was at this young age that he knew his life would be dedicated to helping others rebalance their bodies and renew their health.

This led Dr. Cabral to study in the US and then complete doctoral intern work overseas studying with the top doctors, hospitals, and clinics in India, Sri Lanka, China, and Europe. This allows Dr. Cabral a completely unique integrative perspective, which allows him to truly uncover the root cause of the current health conditions you suffer from.

His podcast, the Cabral Concept, ranks in the "What's Hot" category in Alternative Health and his personal website, StephenCabral.com, provides free content to help heal those that have been told they may never recover.

He currently lives in Boston’s South End and is an active member of the community with his wife, 2 young daughters, and crazy French Bulldog, Moose.
Dave Ruel
Dave Ruel is a Life & Business Strategist for Entrepreneurs and Busy Professionals. 

Amongst his peers, Dave Ruel is known as the Architect, the man who can create highly efficient and sustainable business structures that maximize profits and freedom. He's the founder of Effic, a company specialized in entrepreneurial efficiency that helps entrepreneurs and businesses become more efficient and effective by employing better, smarter, simpler working methods & systems. He also provide performance enhancement coaching services for passionate business leaders, helping them design upgraded systems and structures for their life and business.

Dave is also a well-known entrepreneurial mental health advocate who has been very open about his episode battling entrepreneurial burnout and recovering from it. He is now seen as a leader for entrepreneurial burnout prevention and recovery amongst entrepreneurs.

As a serial entrepreneur, Dave Ruel  has founded several 7-figure online companies. Using his simple life and business structures, working exclusively with remote teams, while traveling the world with his wife and daughter, here is what Dave was able to achieve:

* Sold over 50,000 fitness books published in 4 languages.
* Generated more than 16 million dollars in sales.
* Brought a supplements company from $100k to $3.2 Millions in annual sales.
* Systematized and Automated the operations for many of the worlds top online entrepreneurs.
* Coached entrepreneurs all around the world in countries like Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Panama and of course Canada and the USA.

Dave lives on the east coast of Canada with his wife Karine, his daughter Charlie-Anna and their dog Kanaille.