The Secret Weapon of High Achievers:
Professional Accountability
Professional Accountability Program For Entrepreneurs And Business Leaders
In our coaching work together, we focus on applying the science of top leadership & performance to the areas where you'd like to grow, which may include:
  • Leveraging the best of behavioral science and entrepreneurial efficiency systems to elevate your performance and get you to the next level in your professional goals
  •  Developing intelligent habits and smarter routines that free up your time and feed your energy
  •  Getting clear on your priorities and crafting a schedule that dramatically improves your results
  •  Optimizing your performance and helping you achieve the results you (secretly) know you're capable of
  •  Elevating your creativity, productivity and growth while staying aligned with what you truly want in life & business
  •  Empowering you in ways that get you recognized as a top performer by your colleagues and clients
How Does AAA Leadership & Performance Coaching Work?
The AAA Program is a 12 month Premium Leadership & Performance Coaching Program for High Achievers driven by mission and desire to create legacy work and are willing to commit to the highest standards of human ethics and qualities. 

My typical clients for this high level coaching program are: CEOs, COOs, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Team Leaders and Professionals from various fields.

AAA stands for Accountability, Access and Alignment.

What makes coaching so effective is that it is designed entirely around you and your goals. There's a reason why all of the world's greatest athletes– Serena Williams, LeBron James, Tom Brady — rely on coaches. In fact the higher up you go in any profession, the more likely you are to discover the involvement of a coach.

It's because high achievers recognize the right coach can do something they can't: direct their attention to elements of their performance that they are simply too close to appreciate. To that end, I work one-on-one with each of my coaching clients to create a customized, step-by-step plan that's designed around you and maximizes your leadership and performance.

Together, we figure out what's working, what's not, and how to get you where you need to be. We strategize around your goals. We identify roadblocks and eliminate them. We fuel your growth personally and professionally.
Here's how I work with my 
1-on-1 AAA coaching clients:
Self-Leadership & Business Leadership: to become a true leader you need to learn how to lead yourself first. Then we work on making you a true influential leader, highly esteemed by your team, your peers and other leaders. You will be perceived as a real example that others will want to follow.

Purposeful Performance: a state of sustainable performance, completely aligned with your purpose that allows you to create your life's best work while having optimum life & business harmony. 
To achieve your Highest Level of 
Leadership & Performance we will:
1. Develop a clear vision of what purposeful performance means for and create a complete annual success & accountability plan including Weekly Upgrades, a habit building plan for changing behavior and making success inevitable. We'll also have Weekly Accountability Check-Ins to ensure you're always on the right track

2. Use best-in-class assessments to pinpoint opportunities for optimizing performance during our Monthly Private Calls

3. Perform in-depth qualitative analysis that digs beneath the surface and uncovers the underlying barriers that short-circuit success. We'll do that every 90 days during our Quarterly Strategy Session

4. Provide unlimited support so you can get instant consultations when something's not working or new opportunities arise.
Working together, we create a foundation for inspiring leadership as well as sustainable and purposeful performance at the highest levels
To get started, please fill out my private coaching application below. After your application is received, I will review your responses and if it seems like we're a fit, my team will schedule a time for us to discuss working together.

"Dave has been my secret weapon 
and brought me to the next level"

- Adam Elkaim, C.O.O. The Elkaim International Group

Your Leadership & Performance Coach:  Dave Ruel
The Professor X of Entrepreneurs. Amongst his peers, Dave Ruel is known as the Architect, the man who can create highly efficient and sustainable business structures that maximize profits and freedom. He's the founder of Effic, a company specialized in entrepreneurial efficiency that helps entrepreneurs and businesses become more efficient and effective by employing better, smarter, simpler working methods & systems. He also provide performance enhancement coaching services for passionate business leaders, helping them design upgraded systems and structures for their life and business.

As a serial entrepreneur, Dave Ruel has founded several 7-figure online companies in the fields of digital marketing, publishing, health supplements and business education.
Dave lives on the east coast of Canada with his wife Karine, his daughter Charlie-Anna and their dog Kanaille.
 Contact Dave Ruel directly at