Free Workshop: How To Achieve More by Noon Than Other Entrepreneurs In A Full Day
ImportantMore than 70% of entrepreneurs 
are unknowingly in Stage 1 Burnout.
Do You Feel Overwhelmed, 
Overcommited, Overworked And Would Like Help To Create Your Perfect WorkWeek Plan 
To Work Less, Achieve More & Reclaim Your Freedom?
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Done By Noon™: How To Achieve More by Noon Than Other Entrepreneurs In A Full Day
The Framework To Double Your Revenue While Working Less Than 20 Hours a Week 
Cost: FREE
Where: Online
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Format: Live group training with Dave Ruel via webinar
Done-By-Noon™ is an Online Clinic that teaches you how to take control of your work load and schedule by implementing cutting-edge, proven techniques that free up your time, lower your stress, and multiply your productivity.
What You Will Also Learn In This Free Online Clinic:
 The secrets to working SMART and achieving MORE by working LESS: 3 tweaks to do in less than 20 hrs/week what you used to do in 50+ hours 
 How to finally start working ON your business instead of IN your business (…and stop working all the time)

 The fireproof business model where you never have to put out fires, deal with non-stop emergencies and never ending to-do lists
 The one area to focus on daily to double your business while other areas are on complete autopilot.

 Implementation and scheduling of new, science-proven, High Performance Routines and Rituals
 Strategic Boundaries: 
a system for swatting away external distractions and manage your overflow of ideas
 How to create the SPACE in your life for what really matters, as well as When and How to recover to ensure you'll perform at work and win at your love & family life.
...And Much More!

Hosted by Dave Ruel

As a serial entrepreneur, Dave Ruel has founded several 7-figure online companies but before becoming a well-known entrepreneurial mental health advocate and designer of efficient businesses, Dave battled entrepreneurial burnout for many years. An episode of his life that almost cost him everything. After overcoming it and fully recovering, he decided to teach the methods and systems he used and implemented in his life & business to other professionals through his company: Effic. He is now seen as a world leader for entrepreneurial burnout prevention and recovery as well as a very respected efficient business leadership coach.

Dave lives on the east coast of Canada with his wife Karine, his daughter Charlie-Anna and their dog Kanaille.
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/effic/ (adj.) short for efficient. Effic helps entrepreneurs and small businesses become more efficient and effective by employing better, smarter, simpler working methods & systems.

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