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How To Use The Power Of Prioritization 
To Reclaim Your Daily Freedom
7 Proven Techniques Combined In A One-Page Daily Planner
Don't Lose Control Of Your Work Day
Do you find that in spite of the amount of hours you work, the most important things still don’t get done?

Are you regularly overwhelmed by interruptions, distractions, and ineffective processes, regardless of how high-achieving you are?

Is the constant stream of "urgent" tasks, never- ending deluge of emails and meetings taking over your life and separating you from your priorities?

If so, I want to show you how to implement seven proven and effective techniques to regain control over your work day.
As a serial entrepreneur, Dave Ruel has founded several 7-figure online companies but before becoming a well-known entrepreneurial mental health advocate and designer of efficient businesses, Dave battled entrepreneurial burnout for many years. An episode of his life that almost cost him everything. After overcoming it and fully recovering, he decided to teach the methods and systems he used and implemented in his life & business to other professionals through his company: Effic. He is now seen as a world leader for entrepreneurial burnout prevention and recovery as well as a very respected efficient business leadership coach.

Dave lives on the east coast of Canada with his wife Karine, his daughter Charlie-Anna and their dog Kanaille.
There are 7 non-negotiables for a focused, efficient and productive day. Check each of these boxes and look at your day transform.

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